I'm Andy Watts from Salisbury and my main interests are computer repairs and SEO. I repair laptops and PCs for a living whilst SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a hobby of mine, albeit a geeky one.

My interest in SEO started shortly after I'd created the website for my business.. I'd created an account with Google Webmaster tools, submitted my website to be indexed. After waiting a month or so, my website still didn't show up in the search results if I looked for 'computer repairs Salisbury'. It was time to learn about search engine optimisation :)

Computer Repairs Salisbury

I've been carrying out computer repairs for around 10 years, ever since i started my small business in Salisbury. It's an interesting business and I get to meet lots of interesting people from the Salisbury area. Most of my work involves laptop repairs these days with far fewer people owning desktop PCs. I also think that people are more tech savvy these days and can fix computer problems with some research at Google

Occasionally I will get a panic call about them having received a phone call purporting to be from TalkTalk or Microsoft claiming that their computer is suffering with viruses or that hackers are trying to get into their computers. Sadly there are a lot of Talktalk scam calls taking place at the moment, all trying to con people out of money.

Backup your computer

One of the main causes of frustration with computer owners is that they won't backup the documents and photos that are important to them. It's only when their computers fail that they start to worry. It really doesn't cost a great deal to buy a memory stick or external hard drive. All they need to do is make a copy of their data so that, if their computer pops it's clogs, they still have all of those memorable photos... Please, backup your computer today and save yourself a great deal of pain.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Aside from running Salisbury Computer repairs, I'm also interested in SEO and increasing the ranking of local business websites. There are plenty of explainations about SEO but it's basically about improving a website to increase it's visibility or ranking within the search engine results pages (SERPs).

I've designed a few Salisbury websites, as I call them, and have one about the local restaurants in Salisbury as well as one about our local pubs which features a popular page about the dog friendly pubs in Salisbury. I also designed a simple website listing the cafes in Salisbury but it's not done well against the likes of Yelp and Tripadvisor, as expected

Studying SEO

I've been studying search engine optimisation for some time now and I'm afraid that I've turned into a bit of an SEO Geek. I've done enough research into some of the local business websites in my area to know that some of them must really struggle to get found online, especially for local searches.

Amateur Radio

If that wasn't geeky enough, I'm also interested in amateur radio and have been licensed since the 90s. My ham radio callsign is G7MJV. I'm not overly active with amateur radio at the moment, especially on VHF and UHF, as my location in Salisbury is a bit of an RF notspot or black hole