I'm Andy Watts from South Wiltshire although I'm originally from Hedge End near Southampton in Hampshire.

I run a small computer repair business, have an interest in SEO (search engine optimisation) and write various articles from time to time, especially if business is quiet.

Computer Repairs

I've been carrying out computer repairs in Salisbury for around 10 years, ever since i started my small business in the City. It's an interesting business and I get to meet lots of interesting people from the Salisbury area. Most of my work involves laptop repairs these days with far fewer people owning desktop PCs. I also think that people are more tech savvy these days and can fix computer problems with some research at Google

Occasionally I will get a panic call about them having received a phone call purporting to be from TalkTalk or Microsoft claiming that their computer is suffering with viruses or that hackers are trying to get into their computers. Sadly there are a lot of Talktalk scam calls taking place at the moment, all trying to con people out of money.

Backup your computer

One of the main causes of frustration with computer owners is that they won't backup the documents and photos that are important to them. It's only when their computers fail that they start to worry. It really doesn't cost a great deal to buy a memory stick or external hard drive. All they need to do is make a copy of their data so that, if their computer pops it's clogs, they still have all of those memorable photos... Please, backup your computer today and save yourself a great deal of pain.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO has become an interest of mine over the years, ever since I created the website for my business. It took me a long time to get found online but I learn't a lot about search engine optimisation along the way, particularly local SEO.

When I first started my computer repair business, people often only had one computer so would often turn to business directories like Yellow Pages or the Salisbury Journal when they were looking for repairs, these days so many people have smartphones that they can easily search online.

SEO Salisbury

By way of an SEO experiment, I created a page on the Salisbury Computer Repairs website with the title SEO Salisbury. To my surprise it often ranks well on the first page of Google for that search term. The reason for my surprise is that the rest of the website is dedicated to computer repairs as opposed to web design. It's usually web design agencies that offer SEO services..

About Me

Before moving to Salisbury I used to be a BT telephone engineer in the Southampton and Eastleigh area. When I first joined BT I was mainly involved with repairing overhead phone lines, internal cables and telephone equipment. This changed some years later and we were all trained to carry out installation work as well as working on the underground telephone network, we were all classed as being multi-skilled telephone engineers.

I expect that things have changed a lot over the years and it's now known as Openreach.

Moving to Salisbury

Moving to Salisbury was one of the best things that i've ever done and I enjoy living in this historic Cathedal City. I originally moved here after meeting my late Wife, Christine, who had recentlymove here with her mother from what was known as Rhodesia in Africa.

Christine and I got married in 2008 at St Thomas's Church in Salisbury and had many happy years together. Sadly Christine died in 2016 at Southampton General Hospital after a short illness. Christine was a popular lady and her funeral service, at Salisbury Crematorium, was very well attended.

I still enjoy living here although don't venture into the City centre as much as I used to, partly because parking in Salisbury can be a little on the expensive side. When I need to do some shopping, I usually drive out to Tesco although I try to avoid the busy times. The traffic gridlock in Salisbury can be awful at times.

There is also a Waitrose in Salisbury and it's only a 10 minute walk away from where I live. There are a few snooty ones in Waitrose from time to time but it's a great place to shop. Supermarket snobbery is alive and kicking :) But then again, the class system is alive and kicking as well.

Hobbies and interests

Aside from running Salisbury computer repairs, my interests include amateur radio. I've had a ham radio license since the early 90s although am not so active these days, primarily because I'm in a bad location for reliable VHF communications. Salisbury is partially surrounded by hills and even has it's own TV transmitter because of the terrain.

Facebook user

I've been a Facebook user for quite some time now and it's a great way of keeping in touch with online friends. It's also a way of promoting a business and I've had a facebook page for Salisbury Computer Repairs for a while. Another advantage is that there are some great Facebook groups, I've recently joined one called Free Stuff/Things for Sale in the Salisbury Area which is quite useful.

I tend to look at the for sale posts quite often but occasionally some of the goods look a little suspicious. Of course I wouldn't suggest that Facebook is being used to sell stolen goods but I do have my doubts from time to time.